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10:00 p.m. eastern. good night, happy halloween! even well, even bill. >> i want the republic party to know if your voters are pressured through the this we will -- [bleep] >> bill: extreme elements of the democratic party are threatening violence if barack obama loses re-election. this is dangerous. we will have a special report. >> the storms are getting stronger. the stronger storms are getting more frequent. and you know, this is the second time in two years that a part of manhattan has been shut down. >> bill: al gore blaming hurricane sandy on global warming and the far left using the warming issue in the
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presidential campaign. we'll have two opposing points of view on this. >> the chinese who now own big bird are going to come, in defeather him, glaze him and serve him as beking big bird, all right? ill. >> bill: all assess the presidential election as it stands right now. caution, you where to enter the nopsz, -- no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. threat from the far left over the presidential vote. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in a moment, i will play you a political ad that's very hard to believe. it was financed by, which has close ties to the democratic party. move on is financed by people like george soros. and is not a fringe group. it has plenty of money and has
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direct access to many liberal politicians. just one week before the presidential vote move on put out this ad on the net. >> i want the republic party to know if your voter suppression through the this beautiful country enables romney to oust barack obama, we will burn this mother [bleep] down. if the republics steal this election, i'm going to track down mitt romney and give him the world's biggest [bleep] punch. >> bill: that first woman who is swearing 97 years old. and that spot was helped out by our pal michael moore. so now, the far left is threatening violence if president obama loses the election. that's what they are doing with old ladies. now, to be fair, the obama campaign most likely has nothing to do with that they would be crazy to associate with those loons.
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however, you judge people by their associations. and that's what's very troubling about the democratic party in general. most democrats are honorable people, civil patriotic, well-intentioned. but there is a lunatic fringe that has a lot of party. we saw that they democratic connection in charlotte where a number of far left individuals were given high profile speaking platforms. talking points is not an idealogue. i vote for the candidate i think will solve the most problems. i voted for people in both parties. but now i'm very uneasy. very uneasy the direction the democratic party is taking. president obama consult investigates some far left people. he doesn't repudiate them. he definitely will not repudiate that vile ad you just saw. that makes the president somewhat culpable. remember the civil stuff he saw in arizona. is that civil? for those of you keeping score, there is certainly craziness on the right. we all know that the far right did not have much clout in
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tamp, hardly any at the republic convention. there is a vast difference in presentation between the g.o.p. and the dems. the election referendum on barack obama. do you want his liberal governance or not? if you do want it, then you have to accept the far left loons that come along with it. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. how is the vote shaping one six days to go. joining us now from austin, texas. fox news analyst carl rove. mr. rove, new "new york times" poll out today shows president obama doing very well in florida, ohio, virginia. dick morris going to have thoughts on that later. but, do you take that poll seriously? >> no, i don't take those three polls seriously. here is why. in florida, they have obama ahead by 1 point. they have seven points more democrats than republicans. even in 2008 there were only 3 points more democrats than republicans. similarly ohio 5 point margin for obama. 8 point advantage for the democrats. 8 points in 2008.
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does anybody think ohio is going to be as democrat as it was in 2008. 2 points for obama. 8 point democrat in 2008. six points democrat. does anybody think it's going to be as good as it was in .008. at mildly that's called absurd. >> bill: let me run it down for the folks. all the polls say, all of them say that prib voters are more motivated this time around. so when when mr. rove says do you think it's going to be the same democratic turnout in ohio as it was in 2008. the answer based on the data is no. because republicans are more motivated this time around than they were. secondly, when you poll, you take a political affiliation of people you call. as mr. rove just told us on his little board, his little white board he takes everywhere they poll more democrats in each of the three swing states than republicans. all right? but the folks don't know that because the "new york times"
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doesn't put that in the headline. so, my question to you is, do you believe, based on your experience, that the "new york times" does this to influence the vote by telling people, you know what? it's a forgone, the president is going to win. >> you know, i don't know what their motives are. all i know it's sloppy journalism and bad polling. in fact, look, you have got -- do you want to look at some real numbers? take a look at these, bill, ohio early and absentee ballots through tuesday night, democrats have cast 181275 fewer early votes or requested that many fewer absentee ballots than in 2008. they still got four or five days to go. that number is going to go smaller. on the other hand, the republicans have -- have already voted or requested 75858 more absentee ballots or early votes than they did four years ago. that's a delta of 246,000
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swing from. obama won the state by 262,000. if you needed any evidence of how energized the republic base is in states like ohio, take a look at this where they have already got more voters out in early voting and more absentee ballot requests than they had four years ago. and the democrats one heck of a lot less. you know, that's why i feel reasonably confident that the republicans are going to carry ohio. it runs just exactly counter to the quinnipiac "new york times" cbs poll. >> bill: okay, now, when these votes are excuse me, when these votes are cast in states before election day, they are immediately cointed, right? are they immediately counted? >> no. they are generally put aside. what they do is they catalog who has cast the early ballot. >> so they know who is voting. now, on a -- just on a toe tattle basis in ohio. are more -- have more republicans voted than democrats in ohio or is it just a percentage that's
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higher? >> no, no. it's just -- there are more democrats who voted than republicans. but four years ago the democrats had a huge massive in the early vote. you know as i showed in those numbers, there are a lot more republicans voting than voted four years ago and a lot fewer democrats. so there is a great -- there is parody between the two parties. >> bill: why do you think if the polls say ohio is so close that more democrats voted ahead of time than republicans? >> well, traditionally democrats do a better job of turning out certain elements of their coalition and absentee ballots. it's been traditional for years and years and years and years. in some states it's a huge number. in iowa, for example, the republicans win election day voting by a big margin and the democrats win early voting by a big margin. >> bill: that's what's happening this year as well. many more republicans than democrats have voted there, correct? >> yeah. here is the point is if you take into account the difference between the number of democrats who have note voting, compared to four years
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ago and the number of increased republic turn out, it represents a swing from the democratic column into the republic column of about 254,000 votes. president obama carried by -- >> bill: goes back there who is more motivated to come out. the guys that are running the president's campaign in chicago, they are pointing to the early voting in iowa, ohio, and other states saying, hey, we're winning. this is going to be a win for us. look at this. you have heard they are doing that right? >> oh, sure, yeah. look at the battleground states of totality. the democrats had about a 10 point margin last time around. that's been cut in half. if that happens, the president drops 5, romney picks up 5. obama goes from 53 to 48. romney goes from 46 to 51. i mean, this is a disaster for the -- for team chicago. take, for example, they have got lots of -- i write about
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this in my column tomorrow in the "wall street journal." they say we are getting a lot of young voters. this will blow your mind, bill. i got the list of the people who voted absentee, and voted early in ohio, and ran it by the voter file so i could tell who is voting and what their ages are. there are more republic millennials, 18 to 29-year-olds who have voted early or requested absentee ballot in ohio than democrats by a margin of 12,000 and some odd to thousand and some odd. same with all of these sort of excuses the democrats are giving out. they are in trouble in the early vote in ohio. if they are in trouble in the early vote in ohio they will lose ohio and with the election. shep. >> bill: karl rove, everyone. brand new bill o' poll question. six days before the vote we would like to get update on it do you believe the factor has been fair in covering the election? yes or no. it will be very interesting. next on the run down, bob beckel on the far left. does he subscribe to the move on ad?
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writing in the "the washington post." columnist david i can neighborrous says reporting on the chaos in libya should be taken seriously and the obama administration should explain what happened. amazing welfare stat for you. co-host of the 5 bob beckel. first, it's a move on ad. you say. >> it's a ridiculous bad ad. web ad and michael moore associated with it you made the implication that you said this was somehow connected with the obama campaign. >> bill: i said it wasn't. i said the exact opposite. >> now didn't. you said you live by who your associations are. >> bill: wait, i said u to be fair, the obama administration
8:15 pm
most likely had nothing to do with the ad. >> then you went on to say you live with who you are associated with with. >> bill: we weren't talking about the obama pa people. we were talking about the democratic party. wait, beckel, you tried to spin my words. >> mr. beckel. >> you called miah mr. rove. you can't call me mr. beckel. >> you wear a belt i will start calling you mister. the democratic party associated with move on. that's the association that i was talking about. and you say? >> and i say it's ridiculous association there. fringe element any more than you can say the far right militia. >> bill: militia and move on the same. >> there you go. put them in the same place and let them battle it out. >> bill: had you a beef with rove. >> i did. >> bill: what's your beef. >> the numbers he is talking about in ohio, the early absentee voters are mostly senior citizens. they do that early on and heavily for romney. >> bill: why do they do that? in case they die. >> in case they die and we can't count them.
8:16 pm
>> bill: vote early. >> that whole notion that rove is talking about here is that first of all we have got seven days left to go. democrats send those early votes in the last week. >> bill: is he comparing this time four years ago. >> i can play with that board all day i want and come up with anything you want to come up with. >> bill: i want to get on the record that beckel disagrees with rove, how shocking. >> mr. beckel, mr. rove. >> bill: you got the belt. >> what does he have to do get some hair and then you are going to call him mr. rove. >> he has a belt and big boy pants. >> he doesn't have any hair. >> bill: you i don't know what you are doing. >> there you go. >> bill: now you got the "the washington post" saying hey, just as i said, i am glad the "the washington post" is watching the factor. the president should hold a press conference and answer some questions. you say. >> i say it's a good idea to do that. however, the reports on this thing so far are based on, for the most part, people who are anonymous intelligence committee officers. >> bill: just answer the questions. you and i -- >> -- i said yes.
8:17 pm
>> bill: you padded it. >> this story is running way out in front of what is the fact. >> bill: you don't even have to worry about it fox is the only one reporting it the rest of them are in the bag and not reporting it. >> fox is doing a terrific job. i wish they would get some of these people on the record. >> bill: i can't argue with that i don't like anonymous sources myself. new study out that says means tested welfare which is not medicare and social security, spent so much that you could send $60,000 to every poor family, that's how much spending. why don't they just send the check. >> it's a bogus statistic. i have been listening to this from the right for 30 years. you include in there people who are unemployed, who are making 60 or $70,000 and they are getting food stamps. and they are getting unemployment insurance, so you put them in with welfare people. long term chronic welfare is different than short-term recipients. >> bill: are you quibbling with the fact that the amount of money spent in 2011 which is when this study was compiled averages out to
8:18 pm
60,000. i don't care whether they are unemployed people. short-term people. 50 minute people that you could actually send a check? $60,000? >> everything you spent for the defense ridiculous. >> bill: means tested to the. >> means tested. are you rug suggesting that everybody unpolice department or accept unemployment benefits or food are poverty. >> no i'm not. the federal government runs so inefficiently. wastes so much money or bureaucracy and red tape that they just should funnel it down and then we would have more money to help the people that you and i want to help. >> bureaucracies do a better job; take numbers like this phony numbers pumped up during a recession and apply it to welfare people. it's ridiculous. it's a bogus story. >> bill: i don't believe that. >> you don't believe it. >> bill: a 123 you know that company, right in. >> yeah. >> bill: another stimulus company that went bankrupt.
8:19 pm
250 million. created only 400 jobs. this is what i want you to explain to me. big giant stimulus, almost a trillion dollars to get people back to work. federal government puts the money in a variety of different concerns some were successful were, some were not. the ones that were not highlighted. 400 jobs. 250 million. do you justify that? >> it's not a question of justify. do i justify the whole stimulus? absolutely. >> bill: i just want. >> i'm not going to answer that question. a bank puts money out to x number of loans and a couple go bad. >> bill: more than a couple. >> solyndra and this. what else is the right going to talk about. >> bill: the bank's money is the bank's money. this is taxpayer money. i'm saying to you the oversight on these companies wasn't nearly as it should have been. as krauthammer said yesterday they just took a plane and threw money out the window of the plane. >> that's absurd. krauthammer has more sense than. this he is losing his sense the last couple of weeks i havessed in. krauthammer says the entire
8:20 pm
middle east is bankrupt because of what happened in libya. ridiculous. >> bill: now we are in libya. you are not focusing, a 123. >> your people called me and wanted to know what i was going to say about these subjects. reports on welfare are bull. and you should still call my mr. beckel. >> bill: go home tonight and watch the rerun of the factor. i want you to see when i ask a question about a specific thing you wander off into different areas. >> because the question is just ridiculous. >> bill: so the question is ridiculous? >> um-huh. >> bill: that's why you want? >> that's wrong. do i think that this isolated incidence is bad spending on the government? yes. do i think that overall spending was good? i think the answer is yes. >> bill: that's why the unemployment rate has come down to fast. bob beckel there he is. watch him on the a. 4 plus 1 equal 5. dick morris also standing alone in his prediction that mitt romney will win in a landslide. later, dennis miller wants to assess where we are in the presidential election right now so we'll let him. those reports upcoming. oohooo..!
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>> bill: campaign 2012 segment tonight. dick morris predicting a big landslide for mitt romney. "new york times" pull poll out says the president will likely win in three wing state. here comes the black helicopter joins us now dick morris from detroit: so you, i'm sure, repudiate the "new york times" poll? >> yeah. and let me go through the numbers because it's important for people to get in. florida. win by one. sample has seven points more democrats than republicans. pollster john mcglocklin went through the results of the last four elections and on average the republicans had 1% more than the democrats. so that poll is off by a
8:25 pm
factor of 8. so, instead of obama winning by one. romney would win florida by seven. in ohio, obama is shown winning by five in the "times" poll. they had 8 points more democrats than republicans. and historically there were only 2 points more d's than r's. so that's 6 points off. so instead of romney losing by 5. he wins ohio by one. and in west virginia. >> they have owe become that winning by 2. but they have 8 points more democrats than republicans and historically there is one point more republic than democrat. that's off by a factor of 9. romney wins virginia by seven. >> that's pretty much what rove did on his little board. here's my question. can a pollster assume that all democrats and all republicans are going to vote for whoever is running in their party? can you assume that. >> yeah, you can.
8:26 pm
>> bill: with any certainty. >> yes, you can you get about 90% voting for their party. so you can it's the independents who split. what the "new york times" is doing is they are taking a poll that is probably initially accurate. i bet that all three of those polls show romney ahead. then they are waiting weighting up the number of democrats. >> bill: you mean obama ahead. >> excuse mio bama ahead. >> bill: start again. i want to be precise. start again. >> i bet all three of those polls when they came out of the field the raw data showed romney ahead. they are then giving more weight to the democrats, less to the republicans. in order to mirror the turnout that, in fact, happened in 2008. because they're assuming it will be the same turnout in 12. >> bill: let me stop you. when they call up hi mildred, how are you doing? and they take it down.
8:27 pm
you say that quinnipiac, which did the polling for the "new york times" all right. the raw data, without any curve or anything like that, showed romney winning in all three states, ohio, virginia, and florida. but then the boys came in and started to weight it up to 2008 levels? >> correct. and if we had the same high black and latino young person turnout in 12 that we had in 8, those polls would be right. >> bill: okay. but you say. >> that's not going to happen. >> bill: right. all the data says republicans as we pointed out much more motivated -- >> -- so what i'm doing. >> bill: go ahead. >> what i'm doing with john mcglocklin. we are not taking the one election of 2008. we are taking four elections. 2004, 2008, and 2010. and we are averaging then and then weighting the data according to that average. >> bill: that's all on your web site, right?
8:28 pm
people can see it on dick when you average those you have romney winning all three of those states. >> bill: morris, wait. i only have a few minutes with you. so you are standing by your prediction of a romney landslide? >> absolutely. romney will win this election by 5 to 10 points in the popular vote. and will carry more than 300 electoral votes. >> all right. now you know, morris, i have you booked for one week from tonight. one week from tonight. >> i know. but my question is, is my appearance going to be before or after you buy me dinner? >> i'm not buying you anything. i'm not belgt you anything. people saying terrible things. let's see what happens. look, beckel, you get beckel. beckel will bet you his house. you can take his house away. >> i want to say something about the move on video. >> real fast. >> in my book black helicopters, i write about how
8:29 pm
the u.n. is it sending inspectors to monitor the voting in the united states. what's going to happen is after romney wins this in a landslide the democratic narrative will be down because of unemployment and dissolutionment. down because of voter suppression and that's how this will to into thinks tri. >> no it won't because we will will not let them get away with that see you next wednesday. that will be high noon. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. how will single women vote next tuesday. jesse watters enters treacherous waters to find out. dennis miller on a presidential election and hallowowowowow
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ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> bill: watters world segment tonight. gallup polled single women about the election. at that time obama was ahead over romney. there has been not been polling for women specifically since september. we decided to do our own inveigation. that involved sending jesse watters out to canvas the single ladies who themselves were out socializing prehalloween. ♪ all the single ladies all the single ladies ♪ all the single ladies >> what's on the agenda for this evening open. >> open a bar party hardy. >> that sounds risky what are you wearing tonight. >> i'm a nut cracker. >> that's what you want to wear? >> i'm kayla, one of the fav
8:34 pm
5. >> don't scratch me. >> meow. >> cops and robbers. >> she is already in trouble. >> help, police. >> what do you do for a living nutcracker. >> i'm a nurse. >> i'm a student. >> i'm a book publicist. >> i'm thinking about writing a book. >> i can hook you up. >> i will will talk to you later. >> i'm a teacher. >> don't teach me anything. i know everything. smart alec. >> are you guys excited about the presidential election? >> yes. it's getting close. >> everyone is battling over the female vote. are you leaning one way or the other? >> definitely obama. >> 100% mitt romney. >> obama. >> romney. >> romney. >> oh, really? >> try to control yourselves. i don't want to see any first a cuffs. >> i'm a huge supporter of barack obama. i think he has a lot of integrity and i also think he cares about women's rights. >> why do you support romney. >> i want to see what he has to offer because i don't think i have seen all the change.
8:35 pm
>> obama is actually recognizing gay people as a voter. i believe that obama is just dragging us down and we need someone to lift us up and be positive. mitt romney is that positive force for us. >> you are like a radical feminist, right? >> i think feminism is people wanting equal rights than men and since i am a feminist. >> i sure do appreciate knowing that. >> are you concerned about the benghazi scandal and how that effects things. >> it should have been handled differently, yes, but i don't think it has to effect oat election. >> you know the obama girl. >> i do, very well. ♪ because i have got a crush on obama. >> obama girl likes obama because he was attractive and she was in love with him. >> i think romney is very attractive. >> i love romney. i love his wife. she is gorgeous. >> obama. >> i guess he is cute. >> he has a little crush on me. >> where do you get your news and information from. >> i get minus from a lot of online resources. >> yeah, she gets a lot from twitter. >> do i go on fox news. >> fox.
8:36 pm
>> fox. >> wow. that's cool. >> i see a lot of things on subways. >> you see things on subways? >> i'm not that educated, i guess. >> really. >> what about bill o'reilly? do you watch him. >> hey, bill. i have seen the o'reilly factor. it's a great show. >> i'm a huge fan. i respect everything he says and is he great role model. >> bill: i appreciate that all right. watters isn't here because he never came back from that assignment. we have an apb out for him. latest data we have comes from pew. 59-34 over the governor. but, among married women romney has surged ahead 52 to 42 over the president. come right back, dennis miller does not approve of mr. obama. he will assess the election as he sees it right now. global warming devastate the northeast this week in the form of sandy. we will tell you what we know up ahead. look, if you have copd like me,
8:37 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight. d man is present here in new york city witnessing the carnage from new york city firsthand here he is. you flew in just to lend us moral support mere from santa barbara, california. no hurricane sandy out there. you guys, you know you are going to fall into the ocean earthquake. that's just a matter. >> eventually, sure. yeah. >> bill: so what are your impressions of the storm? >> first off, you know.
8:41 pm
the power went out and if i had been any more in the dark i would have been joe biden. [ laughter ] there you go. babombum. >> a couple of things about this storm that i have noticed. when bloomberg comes out and says stay away from here. i have got problems. i hope people this is what should have said with katrina. they have used the ploy and bush. hey i was told not to come in there that they didn't need the gridlock. this proves it. if you think. >> bill: let me set it up, that bloomberg told president obama and dennis miller not to come to new york. miller defied him but the president did not because the president is doing lump lomb lombado. >> in a heavily populated metropolitan area. they both start with new, new orleans or new york. the one mayor was hiding out
8:42 pm
in the penthouse trying to stay soft. >> bill: you couldn't freeze traffic zones because traffic isn't moving. >> i was 10 blocks away, billy. i gave up after 40 minutes and just walked over. >> bill: you can't go anywhere because the subways are out. >> just remember that folks when they tell you they were heartless and bush was heartless. they don't want the president in major area. good for bloomberg for saying it. >> bill: do you think that the hurricane is going to have any influence on the presidential vote next week? >> no. but i would watch west virginia. you know, they often say the obama looks kennedyesque. i don't usually agree with that he might look like joe kennedy in west virginia because if they can game that vote down there in that snow storm, they will gain. >> bill: i think romney is is ahead by like 15 in west virginia. >> coal country. i saw 3 feet of snow in beckley. i said there is going to be weird balloting coming in from west virginia this time. >> bill: is there any change? we go week by week with
8:43 pm
miller. by the way you will be on next wednesday, the day after and then after on halloween. from you seen in the last week or so any change in the dynamic of the election? >> i was thinking, i was looking at obama and say how did he squander this political cachet. you have to admit when he first came new never seen a guy defied that much. >> 53% of the country. and 70% approval rate. a scant four years later people kind of. >> bill: it's all the economy. the economy hasn't approved. >> also one other thing. in my lifetime, and i'm 58 now. i have seen presidents. i haven't followed them all as closely. kennedy obviously i was younger. i have only seen two that seemed actively dislike half the population of the country. nixon, i think i could think of nixon floating down the platomic on that yacht with the fat cats making unfun of kids and all the hippies and that and i look at barack obama and i think -- i don't sense he likes half this country. i think that's coming back to
8:44 pm
bite him. >> bill: religion crew. >> disparagement. joe the plumber doesn't. he doesn't have a pickup truck. there seems to be a real dissociation between him and the hoypaloy. >> bill: do you think it has to do with grievance. in some african-americans african-american communities there are grievants to whites that aren't pathetic to their cause. that might be driving a little bit of it. there are some african-americans who believe that the reason they are not prospering as a community, all right. is because society hasn't done enough and the reason it hasn't done enough is because of rich white guys? >> no. i don't think of it like that with obama. i think of him as one was those swells who looks down at people aren't up to speed intellectually with him. i don't get a color thing off of him. i know that crowd: they sit around and they, you know, they have jack henry abbot and norman there. >> and canopies? >> and all that stuff.
8:45 pm
>> bill: you have ever had a canopy at your house? i don't even know what a canopy is. >> the thing you put over the picnic table when you have burgers. you put the canopy over the burgers. >> halloween, do you frighten people when you walk out. >> no. >> you frightened the crew. >> i am going out as pelosi today. [screams] >> i was watching the other night bloomberg they are talking about taking away halloween and certain things in certain cities and suburbs around the country. >> it's part of the i was watching bloomberg speak about this storm the other night. and he actually had a woman next to him doing the sign language. and he says if you see a live wire that's fallen from a power pole, do not pick it up if it's sparking the woman goes i'm thinking. >> do that again because we were on b roll. >> whoo. >> what happened to this country? >> she did that she hit -- the mayor in the head and knocked him unconscious. >> a few feet above the head.
8:46 pm
she had to go back down to hit him. bloomberg wants to cut down the size of the candy bars because they are to scale. one biters and they look regular to him. >> bill: mayor bloomberg's halloween you can only get one m&m. not the whole thing. >> mayor bloomberg just lost the jump ball out on the street. >> new york city both very petit men. dennis miller both back on wednesday after the vote. we would like to tell you tickets are almost sold out in salt lake city for the bolder fresher show on saturday, at the energy solutions arena. see you in houston on saturday, november 24th. tickets going fast. for that matinee the nighttime show sold out. up next, global warming light a fire under hurricane sandy. how about that line?
8:47 pm
[ dennis ] it only took two minutes for this town to be destroyed. to a little girl who lived through it, this is more than a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams not only have hot coffee and help for grownups... they've also handed out more than twelve thousand teddy bears to kids. people come first... everything else is second. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands?
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8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight, it's predictable al gore jumped on the hurricane sandy story to promote global warming. >> the storms are getting stronger. the stronger storms are getting more frequent. and you know, this is the second time in two years that a part of manhattan has been shut down. and, you know, that didn't used to happen like this. but the evidence is now so overwhelming. >> bill: let's take a serious look at what mr. gore is saying. joining us from washington dr. brenda, a climate scientist from the union of concerned scientists. and from harrisburg, pennsylvania. meteorologist weather bell analytics. joe, begin with you because you don't believe in the global warming deal but the storms are very very fierce and you say. >> that stunningly ignorant or stunningly deceptive what al gore said. in the 1950s, from 1954 to 1960, ten major hurricanes ran the eastern seaboard.
8:51 pm
six hit the carolinas northward in two years 54-55. including connie and diane which caused unbelievable flooding in 1955. hurricane carroll 1954. 15 feet of water up the bay. the 1938 hurricane which had 186 mile-per-hour wind gust at blue hill massachusetts blew down 2 billion trees. caused 50-foot surge of water across long island. if that storm had been 60 miles further west with the landfall at the battery. there would have been 20 feet of water into new york city. he doesn't know what he is talking about. and ever since he shot his mouth out against b. katrina. we have seen total global tropical activity go to record low levels just because something happens in your backyard two years in a row, it has nothing to do with the total picture. >> bill: doctor, you say? >> first, let's look at what scientists who study this are saying. four things, we have sea level rise caused by climate change
8:52 pm
that is making storm surges worse. three, we have the situation where sea level rise is happening and it's increasing the storm surge. we have warmer ocean waters powering more powerful hurricanes. four, when it comes to the frequency of hurricanes, scientists still have a lot of questions. the bottom line is is that off the shore of new york region we have 8 to 10 inches higher water levels because of sea level rise. that can mean a big difference as these shoreline defenses are trying to struggle and keep pace with a storm surge rising sandy during a high tide of a full moon. >> bill: as joe ba startedy believes could that be cyclical doctor rather than man made fossil fuels. i point to he will el nino in te pacific. could it be just nature? >> absolutely. natural factors are a major,
8:53 pm
major driver. but to ignore the factors of climate change, we do that at our peril. coastal residents in florida get. this people in new york city they are studying. this they have climate change. we need our first responders to be -- if we do not protect our coastal citizens and ignore climate change, that means we may have insufficient coastal adaptation strategies. when i see a storm coming. >> that sounds pretty reasonable no matter whether it's man made or cyclical as you say part of the natural cycle of the earth that you now have to have a defense system that's different imawtion people living in the coastal regions as i do are at a higher risk. you say? >> i have been saying for years that we were returning to the cycle of the 1950s. pacific, which by the way at record breaking cold levels, how about them apples.
8:54 pm
the pacific is cooling. the atlantic is warming. the atlantic warm cycle last another 10 to 15 years. what aggravates me about these people is dr. bill gray a colorado state made the prediction in the late 70s that we were going into this very cycle. people laughed at him. here it comes. the atlantics won the pacific is cold. the action shifts to the east coast of the united states like it did in the 1950s for 10 to 15 years and then we cool the atlantic and we go back the other way. we are throwing billions and billions of dollars away when people are starving in the streets of this country. we are trying to find a ghost that's not there and, yet, we look at people and our economy is in the tank because of all of this. and, yeah, it's aggravating to me because there is no need for it. >> bill: i have to compliment you both very clear. that's the kind of debate we need to hear so the folks can get the information. factor tip of the day about protecting yourself from disaster. the tip 60 seconds
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
factor tip of the day in a moment. but first, to the mail. the media here is pro obama because they follow cnn international. >> bill: had a laborers in extreme. millions would see that and would be featured on every political event. what we do is discuss many different things. if politician wants to get the word about anything. this is a great form to use. the combination of cable news warms any media anywhere. >> bill: i think you are absolutely right, lee. but we still have some hope he will talk with us coming
8:57 pm
weekend. hope springs eternal or something. dana... >> bill:, krauthammer made a great point that much of the stimulus money should have gone to building the electronic grid so we would have something positive. >> bill: i agree with your sentiment but like katrina in new orleans, millions suffer and the country continues to be vulnerable because of our communication system is obsolete in many ways. we don't have the money to improve it. john...
8:58 pm
>> bill: we put you the reader inside the car when the bullets came in >> bill: last week, doug, i will have some comments after the election, movie option in november, a few days before it opens i'll tell you what i think. factor tip of the day, as you know this presidential election is president obama who believes the government should help you throughout life and mitt romney who breaches self-reliance. hurricane sandy weighed in it. the infrastructure is obsolete. power goes out routinely. right now millions of people are suffering on long island. it's not the power company's fault. people are working as hard as they can work. it's the equipment. the infrastructure is old and
8:59 pm
decaying. and nassau county is broke. despite the fact it has perhaps the local taxes in the country. it doesn't have any money. it is clear that the government cannot protect you from sandy or any other disaster. so here is the tip -- do everything you can to protect yourself. i bought a generator. it didn't work in the storm but i have loyal friends and they fixed it. i had to go to my back-up and therefore i have power. that is what you need. a back-up to your back-up. don't count on any government person or company helping you. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from any time if you wish to

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